Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I have officially been in Lima one week today! Since last Wednesday I have settled into a pretty good routine. There are a few Peruvian things I'm not sure I will ever get used to...#1. The way they drive and #2. Freezing cold showers. Other than that I am settling into a routine here. It is interesting to me how God places certain people together at certain times. I really feel like the 3 people on our ESL team this summer were placed together by God's hands. There is Amie (from Maryland), Ben (from Tennessee), and myself (from Texas, yay!). Before last Wednesday, I didn't know these 2 people, and now I feel like we fit together just perfectly. We all have the same heart for the same people :) It's been great to partner together and work for the Kingdom.

Today Amie and I went to Jose Galvez, a city just on the outskirts of Lima. Her church is coming down next week for a 10 day mission trip to Jose Galvez, so we went today to set a few things up before their arrival. I know God was with us today because we made it from our house in Miraflores to an entirely different city, by bus! At one point this evening when we were traveling back I thought to myself "God is so good! I can barely make it on buses in the US and here I am in another country on a bus doing just fine." He sends us the exact help at the exact time we need it. After we were finished getting things set up for next week, we walked to the church they will be working with while they are in Peru. The church has a Christian school on its grounds. We were there as school was being released; I must say if I spent too much more time with those kids, coming back to the states would be a lot harder. Those little faces are just precious! They are so interested in talking to someone from Estados Unidos (United States) and they are so eager to practice the English they know! And not to mention they are the cutest children :) I kept thinking of the Spanish speakers in my class this past school year. I just kept wondering if they were in a Spanish speaking school would they struggle as much...

This afternoon we rode with the church in Jose Galvez to another part of Lima and sat in on a church service they were holding with Compassion International. A team from Alabama is here for 10 days and today they were training parents on how to take care of teenagers, with a Biblical emphasis. It was neat to sit in and listen to the knowledge they had to share. And of course it was always great to see God use people to spread his word, even if I could understand only about 20% of what was being said. That is one thing I get most frustrated with; I can mostly understand what people are saying to me, but to formulate a response is out of reach! I wish I would have minored in Spanish. I could kick 18 year-old me!

Tomorrow Ben is leading our Bible study during the English Fellowship. I want you to pray for a man named Miguel. Last Saturday we went to dinner with a few people from the English Fellowship and I really got to talk with Miguel about his life and his faith. He believes in Jesus but he has a lot of questions still; Satan is really plaguing him with doubts. Pray for him and for us as we live our lives in Lima over the next 2 months. That is the great thing about Peru...they are so open and hungry for something. Miguel is that. He is hungry for God, he just needs to open up and let God take care of the doubts. I ran across this verse today and I hope it is true for us in Lima this summer, I will leave you with this:

"We loved you so much that we shared with you not only God's Good News, but rather our own lives too."

1 Thessalonians 2:8

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