Monday, June 6, 2011

Presidential Election

Yesterday was presidential elections in Peru. It is law here that every citizen must vote; if they do not they must pay a fine. Everything in Lima was closed yesterday. We got up and went to Paco's house for church yesterday morning. Churches all over the country were unable to hold service yesterday due to the elections.

We walked to Paco's house, which I would guess is about 1-2 miles away from where we are staying in Lima. That is one thing I am loving about being here. We walk everywhere! I love walking to a destination because it keeps me moving and keeps me in shape :) Since we are not nationals of Peru we held our own church service in Paco's living room. He talked about Daniel 6. I really liked how church was held yesterday. It was very informal and we discussed more than listened to one person preach. It was something different; more intimate. Rebekah made Aji de gallina for lunch yesterday! It was very tasty. I'm hoping to get some recipes while I'm down here and try them when I am back in America. After lunch we headed back to the house. I Skyped with Caleb yesterday for the first time since I left :) It was so good to see his face and hear his voice. Although I am really loving it here in Peru, I miss him! We talked for two hours in the afternoon, and Skyped again in the evening for one hour. I love technology now. It makes leaving home a little less painful :)

Today has been a very relaxed day. We met with a group from Florida who are here for 9 days on a mission trip. Pray for them as they head out into the city. Wednesday Amie and I are planning a trip to Jose Galvez, another part of Lima. Her church is coming down on June 15th and spending their time in that area. We are going to go get some things set up prior to their arrival in Peru.

I appreciate all of your prayers! Please keep the people of Peru in your prayers as they transition into a new leadership. The people are very uneasy with the candidate who won. However, God is still the one on the throne!

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